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Melbourne Colosseum - October 2010 - Angela: a cheeky afternoon delight



Once again I found myself in Melbourne for a couple of days at a conference, but with other things on my mind, I spent the afternoon sitting in the lounge of the colosseum. It really is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.


Upon my arrival, I was welcomed and shown through to the lounge. This was my second outing and the parade of ladies each time “Say Hello” was broadcast over the speakers is just amazing. So many women, so much temptation, what’s a guy to do? There are some seriously good looking women at the Colosseum at the moment. Punters really are spoilt for choice.


After some time, I had narrowed the list of possible choices down to one or two, and a decision was made.


Angela, is an attractive, petite Vietnamese woman with lovely silky, caramel skin, who at a guess would be mid 20’s. She’s 5’1, 47kgs, long black hair and dark eyes, and a killer smile. She has a very tight body, a very nice set of natural B cups, with large dark and very responsive nipples. Downstairs is nicely trimmed and very tight.


Day 1

My first booking with Angela was for half an hour ($110.00) It was her second day at the MC.


Up to room 2 it was. Angela was dressed, or more to the point, almost dressed in a tiny black bikini. It was only following her up the stairs that I noticed the word “sexy” emblazoned across her bikini bottom..... Sexy indeed.


Into the room, quick shower and I join her on the bed. Normal questions were asked with regard to kissing and daty, and I was told that they were not available for a 30 minute booking. It was just a feeling at the time, but something told me that there could be a possibility for these in a longer booking.


This is where Angela’s personality started to shine through. She was extremely cheeky, and continually poking and prodding me verbally..... and, I liked it a lot. Even in my real life, it is very rare to find someone who can push my buttons so pleasurably.


The action started to heat up, and it wasn’t long before she went down on me, some great ball and shaft work, and fondling before moving onto the BJ. I was an effortless transition, and took me a second to realise that it was actually covered. She was good. Great technique, perfect pressure and very nice deep throat action.


The BJ went on for a while, before moving onto cowgirl. To me, it was one of the most erotic sights imaginable, seeing this tiny woman, slowly impale herself onto me. She felt wonderful. Things quickly heated up with a combination of both hard fast pounding, and slow rhythmic grinding of herself against my pelvic bone.


We swapped into mish and it wasn’t long before it was all over. Lying on the bed in each other’s arms, we talked about the usual things, the whole time; she was playing with my nipples.


At the end of the half hour, I’d had fun, and enjoyed myself. Even though kissing and daty were not on offer, I was tempted to go for a repeat visit and see where things would lead.


Now this is the interesting part. Sitting back on the couch in the lounge, every time there was a “Say Hello” she would walk past and wave, smile, call out my name, but she kept interacting with me. Every time she would walk past, she did something to get my attention. At one point, she called across the room “if you book me now, I’ll do it for free’. That sealed it for me. I had to see this girl again. She was very cheeky.


This carried on all afternoon.


Steelmaster, RocketRod, who had called in for a visit of his own, and I went for dinner and upon our return, we were sitting in the lounge, there was another “Say Hello”, as she was walking back from the intro, she saw me sitting on the couch, she let out a delighted squeal, ran across the room and launched herself at me with the whole thing ending in a very enjoyable full body hug, and some nice whisperings in my ear. RocketRod was disgusted, and I was in heaven.


It wasn’t long after this that we all went our separate ways, but one thing was certain, I was going to have to see this girl again, and soon.


Day 2.

Ditching the conference early, and navigating the Clarendon St lunch time traffic, I made it to the Colosseum around 1pm, and as if destined by fate, there was a car park available right outside the front door.


I settled up for an hour ($200.00) and took a seat to wait for a room to become available. I was offered a coffee to help pass the time.


After about 10 minutes, it was off upstairs. Today, it must be noted that Angela was wearing a rather fetching and totally impractical black backless bikini.


After the shower, back to the bed. I again asked about kissing and Daty, and was told that would be extra. I enquired as to the price, and with a cheeky grin, she asked how much I was prepared to pay. As politely as I could I told her I don’t pay for extra’s and the matter was left at that.


I started out nice and slow, running my hands over her whole body, discovering her ticklish spots, of which there are a few. This lead to some extended nipple play, on both me and her. She was very responsive and getting into it. Her gentle moans spurred me on to

tease her some more.


A slight break in the proceedings lead to another fantastic BJ, and like the first a day earlier, had me wondering for a second if it was in fact covered. It was. The feeling and sensations were wonderful; her hair brushing my stomach and sides provided another dimension to the experience. She took me to the edge, and fearing it was going to be over, I called uncle and had her stop.


She wanted to move into cowgirl again, but I wanted to slow proceedings down, and went back to licking and sucking on her nipples. It wasn’t long before she slid up my body, and presented her pussy to me.


Having previously established that this wasn’t on the cards, I politely told her she was a tease, and it wasn’t fair. She responded by moving it closer to my mouth, but saying nothing.


I tested the waters, by kissing her abdomen, running my tongue up over her thighs, gently brushing my fingers over her pussy lips. She didn’t move, or tell me to stop, so I took a tentative lick, and she moaned. From that point, it was on. I spread her legs and dove right in. Licking, kissing and sucking. I rolled her onto her back, spread her legs and started to lick. It wasn’t long before she was happily moaning away, and I knew I was doing something right when she clasped her knees together almost crushing my head.


She had a wonton look in her eye, and told me she wanted me inside her. Slowly I entered in mish, and we went at it. It wasn’t frenzied and frantic, more like the type of sex between two lovers. Occasionally she would lean forward and suck my nipples, but we maintained eye contact the whole time. It was fantastic. This went on until I came. I was a very happy man.


She cleaned me up, and we lay there, in each other’s arms. We talked, I caressed her body, and she caressed mine. Then she kissed me. It was tentative and tender, and I wanted more. We lay like this for a while, before it was obvious round 2 was in order.


A quick CBJ to get ready, then straight into cowgirl. I was fast and frantic. She pounded away and once again I was in heaven. Slowing down, she again started to grind away on my pelvis, before getting off; moving to the other side of the bed, and while on her hands and knees threw me a look that said “Fuck me now.”


Moving in behind her, she guided me in, and grabbing hold of her hips I started to thrust away. She was pushing back in time with me, and every so often would reach between her legs and play with my balls. Her moans of pleasure, and the occasional profanity only encouraged me to go harder and faster. After a while, we again moved into mish, and try as I might I just couldn’t get a second shot off before the buzzer went.


Another shower, and a kiss on the cheek, and we headed downstairs. I grabbed cold water at the bar to try and cool down. I grabbed a seat on the couch for a minute to regain my composure. During my brief stint on the couch, she was still flirting with me. I thought I'd try something, and the next time she came over, I told her if she booked me on the spot, she could have me for half price. She jumped at the idea. Just another example of her outgoing cheeky nature.


As I was leaving, she was in the lounge, and again gave me a massive hug. This time jumping up and wrapping her legs around me.


I had to leave, my resolve was weakening, and hanging around could well have resulted in a third booking. I hit the street with a smile on my face and a spring in my step, with only one thought in my mind.


The obvious question of would I see her again really only has one answer: HELL YES!!! Two bookings in 2 days and my mind firmly set on a third and a fourth.


Gentleman, treat her right and you could be rewarded with a fantastic experience, but as always YMMV.


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