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The industry of choices...



Armed and Dangerous with a massive cup of cappuccino not a lot of sleep and the house all to myself!

Productive procrastination at it's best. I should be cleaning but I thought I'd have a read of some things and write a blog.

My intention this morning was to blog about a conversation I had with another WL a number of weeks ago regarding the topic of 'extras' - the lack of light at the end of the tunnel summing up to the reason why we work.

Until I read something that got my goat!


"I hate all this dicussion of ladies having 'choice'. Yes you have choice not to see 20 min guys in a parlour but I'm telling you you're probably not going to be there for long if you're picking and choosing clients and booking times."


Seriously - WTF??? I would love to know the names of these such establishments! I mean come on. I have worked at a fair amount of establishments over the last 10 years in a range of different locations/states that offer a 20min or even a 15min service and I have had no issue at all with informing management that I do not do a shorter service than 30min. I have never been 'kicked out' of an establishment for this.


"Most ladies don't know how long a client is going to stay until you've finished introducing. You cannot say after a client has picked you I don't offer 20 min services... you'd be kicked out of there so quick it's not funny."


I'm sorry but why the hell can't you say to a client after intro that you don't offer a 20min service??? I have said this more times than I wish to count - and more often than not the client has either booked for the full 30min or chosen another lady.


"20mins come more from management than working ladies and I think tiping is a nice way to show your appreciation, becuase most parlour ladies only get half of what you pay which isn't much at all."



Asking them to tip on a 20min is just silly. How much do you want them to tip? the price difference between a 20min and 30min is generally only about $30 so why not ask them to book the 30min? or do you seriously just want to cheat the client on time? or the establishment on Money? or both? in my experience most who book a 20 are doing it for cash reasons. If it is a time issue they will generally book the 30min and be happy to leave early. Asking/bugging/suggesting tipping is generally the kind of behaviour that will result in you being booted off shift not refusing to do a 20.


"If you take longer than you should intentionally you should tip the girl."


I mean seriously look at what you are saying. If you refuse to do a 20 you will be kicked off shift but it's ok to accept the 20 and then ask for a tip for doing so? I mean come off it? Who do you think you are kidding? Do you really think the clients are this stupid? They might as well pay for the full 30min given the difference is cost is usually no more than $30.


ALL WL's have the Choice to pick and choose what ever clients they want for what ever reason they want. I have worked with girls that refuse to see clients based on a range of different criteria - age, race, whatever. And I have never seen any of them kicked out!


I am appalled at the attitude of this WL!!! it is simply discusting and disrespectful to all WL's. It's attitudes like this that allows parlour's to attempt to force WL's to stay with any and every client and be compelled to offer any and every service. Forcing a WL to stay with any particular client for any period of time by the standards of this WL is nothing short of blackmail and as such is a crime with in itself.


"If you don't stay with a 20min client you wont have a job here!" Is no different in my book to saying to a WL "if you don't offer free anal to every client you wont have a job here!" Where do you draw the line?


Yes some ladies are happy to offer a shorter service and all the power to them - just like some girls I know of don't offer a longer service than 30min. Each to their own.

This is an industry that is all built around choice...

The choice of the client as to who he Chooses to book and for how long.


The choice of the WL as to who she will accept a booking from, the length of time she is prepared to stay, and what she will or wont do in a service.


Hell I have gone through stages where I have not been able to offer a range of different things to clients for one reason or another including the simplest of things like a CBJ (got my tongue pierced) and it has never caused me a problem with either the client of management. The client either chooses to accept the terms of the booking at the time or chooses to stay with another lady or visit another establishment.


This industry is all about choice!

We CHOOSE to work in this industry and we have the right to CHOOSE how we do it... It's one of the things that makes this industry so great to work in, and in my opinion it's the CHOICES we make on how we work that will set us apart from each other giving clients a better opportunity to get what they - CHOOSE they - want.




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