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Review Comment VS Personal Attack



Hi Everyone,


This is my introductory blog but it is most likely completely different to the usual intro blogs.


Recently comments were placed on one of my reviews and things got a little out of hand. I personally love being reviewed and hearing how punters think i can improve and other general thoughts on me. Everyone will have a very different opinion of me and I actually appreciate negative feedback as long as it is in a constructive manner that I can think about and apply changes where needed.


Comments which are another punter expressing that they have not found me to be the sort of WL they go for allows everyone to hear both sides of the fence and more effectively decide whether to go and see them. Nobody should feel like they will be attacked for stating their opinion and it is unfair to take a personal attack at those who aren't scared to voice these opinions. If somebody wishes to attack someone for that, I believe that this should be done in a private and discreet manner such as an inbox message.


When attacks are posted to the review, not only does it look bad for the WL, but it also casts a bad light on punters and most importantly the admin team and site. In saying this, many people should review their comments before posting as they can come across very harsh with just a slightly different approach.


Admins should not have to step in and relocate all the comments while deleting many that simply take it too far. Stated on the first page as you enter the chat room, the three rules are all put down to "NO PERSONAL ATTACKS". What everyone seems to be forgetting is that this applies to all users and any part of the site.


As for comments noting intros in bare-feet or no makeup, this is always either the beginning of the night when I am still getting ready or once I have worn my heels all night and my feet can no longer cope. I rarely wear the usual tonne of makeup plastered on by some ladies as I am very much happy with who I am and how I look. To me, makeup is a sign of hiding and being uncomfortable with yourself. Fantasy and costume sessions or nights are generally when i really focus on my makeup as it makes the idea far more enjoyable and fun. After a 'bad' or tiring day living my normal life, I will also be found wearing more makeup than usual to improve my mood and self-esteem. Times other than this my makeup is minimum and usually only consists of a light foundation, and a little eyeliner and mascara.


I have also noticed punters varied opinions on things such as piercings I have and my tattoo. These are all items that allow me to express my individuality and natural personality. I do not put on another personality while at work as the story/double life gets confusing to say the least. My tattoo which is positioned on my heart/left breast holds significant meaning and is never going to be something that loses its importance. I've had many people ask me about it and I am more than happy to explain why I have it and its significance. All you have to do is ask.


As for my new lip piercing, I have now had it for two weeks and any discomfort I first felt has now passed. The reason for taking such things as kissing and oral "off the menu" was not because I didn't want to do them, it was to minimise the risk of infection and allowing the piercing to heal as quickly as possible. I had made it quite clear to all clients whom I say in intro that it was only a temporary set back and that I felt bad about having to change my service. It isn't as if I simply removed these either. Punters need to keep in mind that I felt upset and annoyed about being unable to offer these things in my service and was more than happy to discuss other options which are usually extras to include in the booking without any extra payment until it had healed. Most were quite happy with this or let me know that they would visit again once the discomfort had improved.


I urge discussion on this blog and encourage everyone to send me a message if they would like to discuss anything privately.


Mwah, Kati xx


Recommended Comments

I have booked someone in bare feet and little make-up: precisely because they were in bare feet with little make-up. Because to me that says, 'I am absolutely comfortable with who I am, and I'm totally relaxed about being here. Take it or leave it', which I find sexy. I mention this to underline that 'professionalism' means different things to different people.

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After reading this Kati, very well done firstly... but... I realised how much more mature you are than the other girls at SSX. Why did you have to leave :'(

Actually I know the answer to that... woof woof.... lol



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Nice honest blog and I have found a punter soulmate in Ish!

I too have booked girls in bare feet with minimal make upblush.gif

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I must admit I stopped reading the review thread after all the noise started. So I hadn't even seen the comments about no shoes and make-up. Good luck to if can carry off the no make up look.

When you write a review it is always at the back of mind, I found this lady really attractive but will others? So in my reviews I try remind readers that their view point might be different to mine.


But the no shoes piercings and tattoo sound pretty hot to me.


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Kati ---> well done on your blog hun, if anyone can understand your purpose / feelings in regards to this, it's me mate blush.gif!!


Keep up the good work hun happy.gif

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F@#k me i used to see my reg and she always greeted me in barefeet minmal makeup a tshirt and g string i was ecstatic!! no probs here with natural hehe

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Wow, Kati. Your ability to articulate your thoughts so well shows you have great maturity for someone so young. I am most impressed! wink.gif

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All punters are entitled to their own opinion and voice it without criticism from others. Well done for standing up for yourself Kati. I've fast gotten to know you and love each time I get to come and spend time with you. Until our next meeting, stay strong and always remain true to yourself. Your client and friend, B-man

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