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From naive to wise.........and still surprised



I entered the sex industry a little under 18 months ago, not knowing what to expect, nervous, shy, and lacking any and all confidence. I was at the time a size 16, my hair was only just shoulder length, and the only things I knew about were the things I saw on T.V. glamourous women and girls all having fun, living the high life, it all seemed so easy, spending their times at this resort or that, being treated like a princess on the arm of one hot guy on another, WOW what a life.


When I made the decision to start working, I had approached my partner, and discussed it with him, He and I both enjoy sex, to its fullest extent, and with his nod of approval and encouragement I found my way into a local suburban brothel.


I started on a saturday night, was given a very brief tour of the building and made my way to get ready, the manager that night was a guy we'll call him adam, he seemed like a great guy, cracking jokes, and soon had me feeling more at ease, than I had, about 30 mins after arriving it happened "My First booking"


My heart started racing, as I went and got towels etc, and headed upstairs, with the client following close behind. I put him in a shower, and undressed before buzzing to start the booking, thankfully it was only for 30mins, he wasn't a starfish, but nor did he make any moves to help me, by interacting.


As the weeks rolled on, my confidence grew a lil, until the first night I didn't get even a single booking, I actually went home and cried, I wasn't pretty enough I was too fat, etc...


I can safely say now that had I not had a goal when I started out I would have given it up then, but slowly I improved, in how I interacted with clients, and aquired some new clothes more flattering to my figure and changed my hrs around, increasing them nd adding in a few day shifts, I took on board different advice I was offered about my hair make-up etc.

I soon fell into a routine, became friends with different girls and soon enough had achieved my goal, and headed overseas, when I returned, I went straight back to work, and worked as many hrs as I could each and every day, until a month later, I was able to again head off overseas. I've had many different clients and had my eyes opened to a whole new world.



I've had clients from all walks of life, and ages, and many different types of clients, from complete starfish to the over eager beaver who no matter how many times you tell them to slow down so they can find the right hole seem to go deaf when their clothes come off. I've had the ones who have been respectful, and those who are downright rude, the ones who are OMG to the ones that make you cringe.

I've also learnt that placing 6-8 girls in a confined space day after day is a recipe for a ticking time bomb waiting to go off.


each and evry shift I have opens my eyes a bit more, from the behaviour of other girls, to my own behaviour, to that of the clients.


I've learnt how to handle different situations, both good and bad, when to speak up and when to keep quiet, who to trust and who not to.


I've learnt that no matter how much you do sometimes its sometimes still not enough, and whilst the actions we make are made with the best of intentions its sometimes that which bites us in the ass, how quickly one girl will fall out with another and do all she can to eliminate another, whether she is seen as a threat to her earnings, or a threat to her rank in the pcking order, and not so long ago, I used to do the exact same until those girls in said pecking order turned on me.

Now here we are 18mths later and after all I've experienced in the industry some of the stories I hear from girls astound me, last nigh for example a condom slipped off inside the girl, the client didn't blink an eye, even though he had cum inside her the condom was buried so deeply it was almost unreachable, when asked where the condom was with nothing more than a grunt in response, a frantic search of the bed, the girl realised where it was.

She was completely thrown, by the shrug of the mans shoulders, and the comment you'd be used to that wouldn't you? his reaction when she went to shower and the lengths she took, to clean herself as best she could, was priceless..."what are you worried about? she was asked he was dressed by this point, the booking but a few minutes from being finished, she stepped from the shower looked at him in the eye, and left him speechless with her response

"if you need to ask what I'm worried about, you really are just another balls for brains guy huh?" and she turned and left the room.

His jaw dropped and he followed her downstairs and left.


With the regulations on use of condom's, the risks of STD's and STI's I was in shock that a grown man could be so blase about a risk to his health, even though we as WL's are tested regularly, there is no 100% garuntee that something has gone undetected.

When told about the incident last night my only thought was:


Wow wonders will never cease.........that in this day and age there are still people out there who live by the it'll never happen to me..................


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Thanks for a great, honest and interesting read and I AM glad you stayed...... :)


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Floppie (fka Hardon)


Thanks for an enlightening look into the world behind the glamour.

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thanks, everyone.

I was just kinda amazed the other night that after all this time and all i've experienced since being in the industry that it was possible to still be surprised at the actions of some, and how much I've learnt on a personal level.



Hells, you have my number, and i've no idea whenit is or if I'm going to chrissy drinks.

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Some just dont have respect for another human being. You cant breed that.

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youre my plus one to chrissy drinks.



nah actually i'm not your plus one



Cause I'm not going......

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