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From naive to wise........and still suprised

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An appeal to punters....

Hello to all punters,   I've been reading a lot of reviews and comments made recently whether about a girl, or comments left about a venue itself.   I understand that we all have the right to express our opinions, however when making reviews or comments on a forum such as this, I'm finding a lot are allowing personal feelings to influence what they right and how they write it. Do you all understand that the things you say have the power to effect not only the girl, and her earnings but also



From naive to wise.........and still surprised

I entered the sex industry a little under 18 months ago, not knowing what to expect, nervous, shy, and lacking any and all confidence. I was at the time a size 16, my hair was only just shoulder length, and the only things I knew about were the things I saw on T.V. glamourous women and girls all having fun, living the high life, it all seemed so easy, spending their times at this resort or that, being treated like a princess on the arm of one hot guy on another, WOW what a life.   When I made



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