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Playing with dragon ball Z !!!!!

Taylor Alexander


It was just before lunch and he arrived. Dressed in jeans, a tight fitting t-shirt and leather jacket, Goku was dressed as I’d never seen him before. Normally a suit and tie guy, he dressed down for our day together and smelled good enough to eat.


His original plan was for us to go to Glenelg, however, the day was overcast, humid and looked like it was going to rain – not Sydney rain, but Adelaide “rain”. I got dressed quickly and we made our way to the Central Markets and Gouger Street, where Goku took me to an Asian restaurant. Chatting away in our own little corner, we opened up to each other – getting to know each other all the better. He’s tall, educated, charming, charismatic, self-deprecating and in pretty decent shape after what he’s had to endure recently, such a strong sexy humble man But there’s something different about him........


He’s got a certain way about him that puts people at ease. You can’t help but to feel safe around him. He’s every bit the Super Saiyan.

Venturing back to the hotel, we snuggle up on the couch and watch some tv. It’s funny to see his legs hang right off the end when i can stretch right out ......

I decide that it’s time for Goku and I to have some fun so I lead him to the bedroom. Undressing him quickly..... Lucky he didnt end up with ripped clothing actually.

we make out sometimes long slow and deep then fast and furious ...........He’s a good kisser. I kiss his body making sure my tongue traces invisible teasing lines down his body........toying with all his hot spots !!!!!!

after teasing him I run my tongue around his dragon and take him slow and deep in my mouth. I listen to his breathing....watch his body react.


Making sure to entice every shudder i can get out of him.........He pulls me up and away and rolls me over. He teases me. I love it, but hate him for it at the same time ......He’s driving me nuts, I just want to tear him apart so I take charge and roll the condom on him and climb him. We grind and move until he explodes deep inside me with a Kamehameha wave of pleasure.

We clean up and move to the balcony, chatting away and before we know it, it’s time for dinner. Walking across the road, he leads me to a nice restaurant where he knows the manager....I have a little giggle to myself thinking about our cheeky date.

We have dinner and chat away and it becomes obvious to me – Goku is layered – like an onion, but without the smell (although he does smell oh so good....it's like walking sexual frustration to me.......talk about a sexy tease). Before heading back to the hotel, we pick up a bottle of wine and just enjoy each other’s company. On the balcony, we chat about a lot of things, the industry, his work, our lives… Goku gets up and goes to the shower (his recharge chamber) and I meet him in the bedroom where it’s my turn to take revenge for all the teasing he’s done to me.

I decide it’s time for me to deprive him of one of his senses ..... When you take away someone's sight it makes everything else heightened......sensitive and a little surprise shock ,because they never know what your going to do.......


So I start by teasing him with my mouth anywhere,everywhere all at once......but I just pull up short of driving him over the edge, then I stop for about 20 seconds to make him wonder.........

The next thing he knew was my mouth sliding the condom down his shaft.

Then out off the blue I slide myself down on him...fast and deep !!!!!

Playing with him...toying with him....every slight variation and angle I could pull out of my naughty little bag of tricks.........watching him power up

And hit turbo power band !!!!!!!



Morning comes, and I made sure he did ....nothing better than seeing that look of smiling satisfaction on his face. We go off to breakfast, and then it’s time for Goku to fight Majin Buu (his boss) and he silently slips away.

Until next we meet Goku!!!!


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hmmmmm, wonders what my review would be like......





"I took off his farking glasses, and the stupid fukker, couldnt even see me, had no idea where to stick it, and though my boobs were my arse cheeks..... So I had to put those stupid nerdy specs back on his massive nose, just to get him to stop fumbling around......"


Yep that sounds about right

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For those of you that don't know, it means


Laughing my man boobs off

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"We grind and move until he explodes deep inside me with a Kamehameha wave of pleasure."


You'd be dead. Funny enough, I was just watching that show. :lol:

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