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The different sides of this world.

Taylor Alexander


A lot of you like to read my blogs...thanks for the emails of support guys and girls.......


Obviously I have combined my choice of pleasure with business . I have made many friends over the years within this capacity both in punters and WLs.

Within this I have chosen for myself. I have always tried to apply the principles of professionalism,respect, client satisfaction , support and making my service unique to my clients..

That's what I call my business model.....my standards.



Within all of this I have always tried to be helpful with advice for either punters or WLs at anytime of the day......


This isn't apart of my profit making scheme I do a lot of these things because I care....


Care for the punters.

Care for my fellow WLs.

Care that this industry be kept to high standards.

support others whom are unsure of how to navigate this world we have built for ourselves.


Some see me as outspoken,naughty,cheeky,crazy,controversial ,straight shooting,firey

Some see me as fun,flirty,caring,nurturing ,soft,gentle,passionate.


Yes I am all of those things at varied times....... I at all times try my best to be seen as a genuine person.


I stand by my value system , I was brought up to respect everyone and give a damm about others.....that's how I go to bed each and every night.


But the one way to see the very strong firey won't take your shit in an instant type of girl in me is to use mind games, baiting ,pushing,bullying,abuse ,harassment ,prey on the weak and abusive pyschological mind games.


I like to treat others with respect and care.... But like most there will be a one in a million that thinks I am weaker.....less of value .....a person to torture with their sick little games .

And I want to say DON'T BOTHER because you won't get what you seek... I will stand up for my self and others whom need support....


I hate liars , arseholes , sick individuals who use their power to prey on people...making them a target , because your a mental case who hides behind a mask of deceit .....using a cloak of anonymity too spread your abuse either mentally or for some unlucky ones physically. And I carry this in both sides of our world (punting and normal life).


Just like me the genuine people won't and never will tolerate it....... because if we never did anything about it we would be just as bad as the ones doing the wrong..


So my thoughts on this is DO you sit back,turn a blind eye, shy away......promote disgusting behavior of some because of the fear of others that may feel uncomfortable with your right to stand up and say something or do you promote those that are predators ..... because you stand silent ???????????


Or do you stand before the flames ,speak up, defend others,defend your own right to feeling like a valued person, speak the truth when others lie for their own gain?????????


I choose to smile,care,laugh and enjoy my time .

Have a great year my fellow friends.



Taylor Alexander.


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Its a difficult Question Taylor, and I think your answer depends on what the content of the behaviour is. This will determine your response if any. Either way, whatever you choose, you are strong, independant, and lovable too.


Thats why we adore you, you make us question ourselves, an important part of being a so called punter, especially for me. You and I have discussed things, I have been able to do so with you.... that in itself speaks volumes about you, that I could trust you to talk to you.


Be you, because thats who I already know you to be


Tommie xox

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Lil Cowgirl Elle


Tay you know where I stand!


You and I are very similar, and not just in fake words of niceness. Actions speak louder than words and repeatedly we've assisted each other with work matters without a song and dance or public announcement. That's rare these days, especially in this industry!


Keep being you and don't listen to haters who are often just envious.


xox Elle

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Yes. I would agree with Tommie and Elle. Taylor is a very special lady. She gets one to think about oneself and is very supportive of people going through rough times. Yes. A great lady.

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I must admit Tayls like you , I stand up when challenged by such poor standards , has gotten me in strife but I can sleep at nite......Keep punching & smiling , I know you do and thanks for making us reflect on what we can do !


Mav xx

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