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Twin Share Madness



One of those things that falls into the Really Cheeses Me Off category is the whole Twin Share and Meal for one things.


How often do we hear travel agencies advertising holidays a X price twin share or of course the when a package holiday is a prize in some competition it always seems to be for 2. Always seems to be intriguing to me that there is always the assumption there that everybody must be in a relationship of some sort. If I did win a holiday that was for 2 I’d probably be struggling to find somebody to take as while I might have family and a friend I don’t think I’d want to be sharing a room with them.


A recent example for me of both of these was on my trip to Rotorua while I was over in New Zealand. It wasn’t overly expensive for me as it was only an extra $50 (NZD) Single Share. Also the meals I had on the flights over there and back were in the category in that as Ben Elton would say “Wouldn’t feed an anorexic gerbil”



But back to the whole twin share concept it’s another reason why I didn’t use a travel agent for my recent holiday, putting aside the fact I didn’t want a set itinerary.


Backing up my argument was a recent study suggesting there are now more single households in Australia than ever before. I think it might’ve been 1 in 3.






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