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The one that got away



Very rarely can I say that a song brings back memories for me. Like most people they can hear a song and it beings back memories form their High School days and the like (Though to be honest that’s a part of my life I wish I could simply go back an erase) It was hearing the Katy Perry song called The One That Got Away. That brought back memories for me of an old flame. I always felt that she was indeed “The One That Got Away” simply cause it was a combination of the tyranny of distance and circumstances beyond my control that meant we ended up parting ways.


Everything about her just simply felt right and I thought her and I were going to go all the way. (and I don’t just mean that sexually). It was hard to let go. This is one of the reasons I can’t go down the long distance path anymore, (well not unless she was somewhere I’d like to live)


It always seems to be around Valentines Day that this kind thing gets to me.








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