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Them & Us

Roxanne Wilde


What is the point of my laboured postulations?




Consider my motivation to be one of urgent revelation. Only through its publication will my brave & intrepid congregation conceive the  the spiritual degradation sex workers endure. Our detractors rely on participation in our misunderstood occupation as the sole justification for their abuse. I hope that my honest narration will bring some much needed consolation, as there are so many more affected by such social demonization than our supposedly progressive nation would like to admit.


The unfair aggravation of enforced alienation is the end result behind objectification of people connected to the industry. Yet, society denies this obvious cultural contradiction, which thwarts the ascension (& our collective dedication) of our deserved expectation to receive respect. This results in isolation & encourages further subjugation, inciting collective imaginations to run amok. The media inflation of such creative ruminations illustrates community supplication to such ignorant pontifications. It's felt as trepidation, becoming ingrained hesitation, to concede any admiration for anything connected to commercial sex. 



Lofty renumeration cannot provide us compensation for wearing community speculation & considerable vilification. It's considered the social cost of being a whore. There is the potential for social ruination, brought on by community scandalization, resulting in media ministrations & urban myths. Emotional recollections of our trials & tribulations are lost on those who wouldn't know, & couldn't care less. Blatant saturation of society's foundation with this cultural abomination has occurred. To combat this infestation, I pray for greater community contemplation of sexual acceptance & exploration. This communal dissertation would discourage further segregation of the adult industry. 


Fostering participation, these pointed observations provide needed illumination to the need for prospective education of the unenlightened. Such nurtured gestation of thoughts borne in revolution would invoke the devastation of prejudice towards the industry. This would negate our hesitations & the need for apprehension when we declare our true vocation to the world. Instead, there would be the collective realization of the need for celebration.


There is but one commendation I can make for a life lived in erotic joy, & social devastation. Regardless of my cynical & sometimes acidic observations, sexual liberation is something precious to behold...


It is my salvation.






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It's natural rhythm needs a down beat and a bass line.



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Well said I cannot match the quality of your wordsmith

So I will say; I buy 'dreams" and long live those sell them and that is fine with me.

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Ultimately sex is biological and involves dominence- an inserter and an insertee. It is impossible to disaggregate the biological drive for sex, the protection of genes, the control of resources for raising those new genes and the social structure of society and its attitudes etc.


Contempt for WLs is driven by the patriarchal need to assure paternity of a child. Chastity belts, marriage, laws etc are/were all about ensuring the male could guarantee the

parentage of the children they spend resources on. Women who buck the system are a threat to it.


Always have been. The hypocrisy of men needing WLs and having contempt at the same time is obvious.

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