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Mother Knows Best. NOOOT!!!!!!!!



I was intrigued by a promo one of those new reality shows that involved men trying to find a girlfriend/wife and it was their mother who was doing the “screening” them. As you can probably expect there were a few clangers in there. I can’t for the life of me remember what the name of it is.


Maybe I just have a different outlook on these things because I really couldn’t give a toss what my mother thinks of any choices in any woman.


  • I’m not a mummy’s boy!
    • Never have been, never will be. To be honest I’ve never been close to my mother and have often wondered if she is who she claims to be. If it weren’t for the fact that I’ve always had my Dad in my life I’d swear I was adopted.

  • My mother’s record
    • Well she’s onto her 3rd husband so I don’t trust her judgement when it comes to relationships.

  • She doesn’t know what I’m after
    • Some comments she has made to me have strongly suggest that she doesn’t seem to realise that I like laddettes. Give me a women who likes cricket and footy and swears. One who would rather a good feed at the club on a Saturday Night seeing a live band or my other favourite Saturday night activity going to the Drive-In over restaurant any day. Yeah give me Fish and Chips on the beach over fine dining any day.

So in summing up Mother doesn’t always know best. Don’t get me wrong if she did indeed try to line me up with somebody then I certainly wouldn’t say no to it. In fact I feel that if I gave it a shot and it turned out to be a stinker it would be easer to let her down.




The one upside for me is that she isn’t one of those mothers who in a hurry to be a grandmother.




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Well put. Make your own decisions. TV is a joke right now. I feel it is a bit of a changing of the guard as such and the internet/you tube is taking away market and mind share from the tradition tv stations and they are not sure how to compete. SO they are trying to come up with even more extreme ideas. Anyway that is my opinion.

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Its called marry my baby, im with you completely though i respect my mum but i wouldnt let her have no choice in the sort of girl i wanna be with. Reality tv hit a even lower point than i thought possible

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Correction, stevo25, it's called "Please Marry My Boy". Another Channel 7 reality show. Audience pre-testing using brain pattern mapping indicates this to be a surprise ratings winner. Obviously didn't use me as part of the test group, otherwise it would have got the old "you must be joking, get me the fuck outta here" response.

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Yeah I've since found that out. You're not wrong about TV being bad at the moment, Not much I watch anymore. In fact in terms of tradional TV having to compete with internet/you tube, there's that big debate about Re: TV rights for the footy codes and the prospect that they could start cutting out the Pay TV network middle body and offering it via the Internet. As it is I can watch the IPL Cricket on YouTube.


But back to what my blog was intended to be about I know with what I stated at the end I might want my cake and eat it too. I still wouldn't let her "screen" potential Girlfriends for me. Bad enough I'd have to do the meet the parents twice with her

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Saw a bit of A Current Affair this evening and it seems there was something shonky going on behind the scenes.

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