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Screaming Mad



As we know this week with the arrival of the English Boy "band" One Direction that we saw the customary mass gathering of teenage girls and screaming their lungs out. It's not like this is a modern thing, I dare say all those girl's grandmothers did the same thing back in the 60s when The Beatles came to Australia.


It prompted one caller to a talk back radio show I was listening to to make a comment asking why don't teenage boys do something along these lines? Well in my experience teenage boys tend to do their "admiration" in private. Usually behind the closed door of their bedrooms. Usually involving plenty of whacking off.


I dare say it has something to do with being at that age when you're body is raging with hormones, A number of English comics I've often heard make refernces to The Nolan Sisters and I have though they must be something, when I finally got a look at what they looked like back in their hey day, I can see what they were on about. Never mind teenage boys, they'd knock grown men back into puberty,




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hahaha... i so agree with you on that. Teen boys show their admiration by whacking off to you. lol

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Dunno about whacking off to me FemmeBot but I know I did it, to my first Playboy Magazine.

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